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Atlas Design Services for Marine Electrical Systems

The safest, most reliable and cost-effective marine electrical power system starts with a quality design

Select Atlas’ team of highly experienced and degreed marine Electrical Engineers to provide the optimum electrical power system design for your vessel. Their many years of large yacht and commercial marine electrical power system experience will prove to be a key element to enhance the design of the vessel’s electrical power distribution system and add value to the project. Prevention of equipment interface issues in the design stage pays off many times over in cost, time and rework savings. AC and DC systems provide power to critical navigation, propulsion and safety systems aboard the vessel. Proper power system operation and reliability are key design requirements at Atlas.

Detailed Documentation Package

The engineering design team at Atlas Marine Systems provides a detailed documentation package that assists the shipyard in identifying the electrical power system components and equipment specifications for procurement from suppliers. Atlas has the expertise to make recommendations, assist in the selection of vendors and request of quotations for electrical systems and boat wiring. The level and quantity of documentation provided by Atlas to the shipyard can be increased or decreased based on the requirements of the project. Any degree of involvement can be arranged — from a customized load analysis for a specific vessel to review of an existing design or a complete design package. Engineering services are provided on a “per hour” basis and capable of exceeding the requirements of the most discerning customers.

Atlas — Your single-source electrical supplier for design and equipment

The Atlas design service is an enhancement to an electrical system using Atlas TecPOWER® AC and DC switchboards and ShorPOWER frequency, voltage and phase converters. With the increased use of variable speed drives and other switching power supplies on the electrical bus, system harmonics is becoming more critical in developing a complete solution for a vessels electrical power. Intimate knowledge of these devices and their capabilities enables Atlas designers to incorporate them into the vessel’s electrical distribution system more efficiently and accurately than other designers. The result is the dependability provided by a single source for the entire electrical power system, from design to delivery of equipment.

Atlas frequently collaborates with naval architects and ship builders through the transfer of drawings and documents in electronic form of projects with clients worldwide. This rapid and efficient communication with customers is key to the delivery of an accurate and timely design project.

The design team can incorporate a wide range of electrical design goals into a project. If a simple, manually operated electrical power system is desired, Atlas can provide a basic design. If a fully automated power management system which automatically starts generators and seamlessly controls loads is desired, Atlas can incorporate the features you request into the design. If certification of the yacht electrical system design by a marine certification agency is desired, we can prepare and submit the documentation package and deliver the final approval letter to the customer.

Contact Atlas for:

Application Engineering
Atlas offers free application engineering support to assist our customers during the specification and procurement process. Our engineers will assist in reviewing specifications, creating procurement documents, selecting products, and ensuring the installation and overall system meets regulatory standards. Contact Atlas at (954) 735-6767 to discuss your specific requirements.

Design Engineering
Atlas can perform design engineering functions to meet specific customer requirements related to our product line. Experienced electrical and mechanical engineering teams, along with a state-of-the-art design laboratory and environmental test facility, ensure full compliance with industry standards and design specifications. Contact Atlas at (214) 221-9094 to discuss your specific requirements.

BSEE Degrees
P.E. License (Electrical)
ABYC Certification

Vessel electrical specifications
One line diagrams
Schematic diagrams
AC Load analysis
DC Load analysis
Generator size recommendations
Battery duration calculations
Load balance calculations
Voltage drop and ampacity calculation
Grounding plan
Switchboard mechanical design
Distribution panel mechanical design
Bill of Materials
Electrical system weight studies
Short circuit calculations
Circuit breaker coordination studies
Agency technical submittal
Motor control design

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